Angela Haas

design in the mesh

design thinking in the network society

"Design in the mesh" examines the role and the opportunities of design in our changing society. It focuses on how design thinking (used here as a synonym for design processes and creative ways of thinking), can meet new challenges of the network society. How can we interact within the new features of the network society (flexibility, scalability and of decentralized nature)? Might the fexible and dynamic approach of design be a response to the constantly evolving challenges? What moves into place when the known structures such as rigid hierarcy start changing? Does the collective approach of the design prozess carry an answer?

„Design in the mesh“ is a step towards an emancipated and self confident role for design in the society.

The thesis was honored with the Sponsorship given for excellent research and a future oriented thesis in design (Pforzheim University, donated by Landratsamt Enzkreis).

The university kindly published the thesis on the platform fluctuating images. It can be found here (german version):

Online presentation (german)